Keirsey Research Survey Conducted March 15-19, 2010

Internet News Sites: Who Do You Trust?

The most trusted internet news site in America is… British!

So, which site do Americans trust the most? It turns out the most trusted internet news site by American adults in our survey is While enjoys a similar basic trust percentage (both sites are above 50%), is distrusted by a much smaller percentage than cnn (6.4% for versus 14% for

While the top scoring sites earned "Trust" or "Highly Trust" ratings from more than 50% of all respondents, the lowest scoring sites were trusted by fewer than 15%. The gap in scores from the highest to lowest scoring sites was further increased by higher levels of "Distrust" of the lowest rated sites. In the top ranked sites, "Distrust" ratings were a small fraction of the "Trust" levels, but low ranked sites were distrusted by more people than the numbers that rated them as trustworthy. Here are how the 11 rated sites were ranked by the American adult population, by their KR Trust Score, from top to bottom.

There were interesting differences between demographic groups. Women were more pronounced in both trust and distrust from the top to the bottom of the scale than were men. For example, scored 643 with women and only 243 with men (top ranked by both), while men gave their lowest ranked site, (the Huffington Post) 14 points versus only 8 points for the Drudge Report from women.

The four Keirsey Temperaments also showed pronounced differences, both with regard to which sites they trusted, and the levels of trust or distrust in the respective sites. For example, Rationals rated a whopping 1200 times more trustworthy than the Drudge Report (top and bottom ranked site respectively) while the differential between Guardians' top and bottom rated sites ( and the Huffington Post) was a less spectacular multiple of only 40 times. With regard to the top rated site, Artisans were the lone group to not put at the top. Although scored 402 with Artisans, they rated google news an even higher 415.

The following two tables show the rank order of the 11 news sites by demographic (gender, college graduate) and Keirsey Temperament group.

Interestingly, the one site all 4 temperaments rated the same, at number 8, was The more abstract temperaments (Idealists and Rationals) rated noticeably higher than the concrete Guardians and Artisans, while Guardians and Artisans prefer Google. All temperaments agreed on the bottom 3: AOL,, and, with drudgereport taking the bottom "honors" from all but the Guardians.

Survey dates: March 15-19, 2010 Number of respondents: 1350 Question asked: Please rate the following internet news sites on a scale of 1 to 5 where 1 means "Highly trust", 2 means "Trust", 3 means "Neither trust nor distrust", 4 means "Distrust", 5 means "Highly Distrust"

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